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We take care of the entire process

We are experts in evaluation, selling, dismantling, removal and installation of graphic machines. Deep and long term relationships with our customers has contributed to the successful concept where everyone is a winner. With over 20 years of experience, we have managed to built up a large network in the international market of printing services. Exo Grafiska AB - a highly competent partner for efficient and technological solutions in the graphics industry.

Herr Gabriel Kádár
Zinkgatan 2
573 38 Tranås

Fler annonser och maskinerbjudanden:
Offsettryckmaskin för arkmatning
Offsettryckmaskin för arkmatning MAN Roland AG, Offenbach, Germany ROLAND 504 OB

Very clean and well-maintained machine. Bn8wmdwodao Low counter state.... ...

Offsettryckmaskin Heidelberg SM 74 4 H

Heidelberg SM 74 4 H Year of construction 2002 120 mio approx High delivery Pnxq8xkfo CP 2000 Autoplate all washing facilities... ...


Perfecting 2/2 - 4/0 Rqcwzw0yxv CP 2000: Touch Screen Console Alcolor Dampening Semi Automatic Plate Change Grafix Alphatronic 200: Powder Sprayer Automatic Ink Roller Washing Devi... ...

Offsettryckmaskin Heidelberger Druckmaschinen Speedmaster 52 4+

Heidelberg Speedmaster 52 4+, Year 2009 370x520 mm (14.5x20"), approx. 32,5 mio. impr., PressCenter Alcolor Autoplate Autom. Ink roller wash-up device Autom. blanket wash-up devic... ...

5 färger
5 färger Heidelberg SM 74-5

Size: 520 x 740 mm Impression: 65 Mio. Ccboxhg Technical details: Printing area: 510 mm x 740 mm Min. size: 210 mm x 280 mm Max. size: 520 mm x 740 mm Minimal Paper Thickness: 0,... ...

5 färger
5 färger Mitsubishi Diamond 3000 S -5

Size: 720 x 1020 mm Impression: 300 Mio. Equipments: IPC II Intelligent Press Control high speed separator Refrigeration & Recirculation System Grafix Digitronic powder device SAP... ...

Offsettryckmaskin Heidelberger Druckmaschinen GTO 52 4+

Heidelberg GTO 52 4+, Year 1998 360x520 mm (14x20"), approx. 34 mio. impr. DDS Single-sheet feeder Electron. Double-sheet control Plusversion N+P Ccnyjadgj Powder sprayer Etc. Avai... ...

Offsettryckmaskin heidelberg Gto 52-4

Heidelberg GTO 52-4 Bgz729dyx Year of construction: 1998 Number of prints: 75,5 mio. Format: 37x52cm electronic double sheet controller does not work, otherwise in order,... ...

Offsettryckpress Adast Dominant 547N

20 mio -Minimum paper format: 105x148 mm -Maximum paper format: 381x520 mm -Paper/cardboard weight: from 30 to 350 gr./m² -Maximum paper thickness: 0.4 mm -Maximum printing speed: ... ...

Offsettryckpress Sakurai 472 ED II

Size 52 x 72 cm, Alcohol vaporpening, Ink and register remote control, Autoplate, Grafix powder spray, Absolute new condition Bngf0opulim... ...

Typ av offsettryck
Typ av offsettryck ROLAND 604

Year : 1990 Format: 72 x 102 cm Colors: 4 colors straight Speed: 13.000 s/h max. Counter: 97 mio. approx.. Serie: 647 Standard machine with: • Rolandmatic dampening with 2 x MC Ki... ...

Offsettryckmaskin Adast Adamov a.s. DOMINANT 846 P

conventional dampening perfecting 4+0 / 2+2 high pile delivery CIP 3 ink and register remote control manual plate loading plate punch B9zjvumh3k powder sprayer... ...

Offsettryckning Heidelberg CD 102-4

Year 2011 PPF PD Air star Pro Weko ap 262 Bmrikj2oetu Combi Star Temperating complete preparation Ipa measuring premium 157 Millions impression Autoplate... ...

Offsettryckmaskin KBA 2x Karat 74 4-farb+L*P

2x !!! König & Bauer Karat 74 -4+L+P with dryer Bmh0kz9itbd 4-color plus dispersion coating unit Four-color printing machine with dryer Print format: 50 x 70cm max sheet size: 52... ...

Offsettryckmaskin Heidelberg PM GTO 52-4

Heidelberg GTO 52-4 Year: 2001 Impressions: 47,5 mio. Size: 37x52cm Bmgwdkcxomb 4 Color... ...

Offsettryckmaskin Heidelberger Druckmaschinen SM 52-4-P3

approx. 78 million impressions only, Perfecting 2/2 - 4/0 CPC 1-04 - Console + Light pen CP-Tronic Alcolor Dampening Cca7jto Autoplate Auto Rollers wash Powder Grafix Alphatronic 2... ...

Offsettryckmaskin KBA Rapida 74 G 4c

Rapida 74G-4+L ALV2 with LED UV dryer Four-color dry offset printing press with LED UV dryer built in 2017 Print format: 50 x 70cm still in operation - viewing possible until the e... ...

Offsettryckmaskin Heidelberg CD 102-4+L(X2)

CP 2000, Alcolor Vario, Autoplate, Preset feeder, Technotrans combination unit for circulation and air-cooled inking unit temperature control, blanket, counter-pressure and inking ... ...

Offsettryckmaskin Heidelberg Speedmaster SM 74-4

max. size 53 x 74 cm age 2008 Press Center Alcolor film dampenings cooling unit HydroStar Autoplate automatic washing devices ultra sonic double sheet control dry sprayer Grafix Al... ...

Offsettryckmaskin Heidelberger Druckmaschinen HEIDELBERG PM 74 - 4 - P

Max. Size: 530x740 mm (20.9"x29.1") approx. B2 Max. Speed: 13000 imp./hour Docq8b Counter: 122 mil. imps. alcohol dampening Technotrans refrigeration device perfecting 4+0 / 2+2 lo... ...

Offsettryckpress Ryobi 784EP

Ryobi 784E Ryobi 784EP year 2008 colors 4 Counter: 76 mio impressions Max sheet size: 788 x 600 mm Min sheet size: 279 x 200 mm Max sheet size (perfecting mode): 325 x 295 mm Max. ... ...

Offsetmaskin Ryobi 784EP

• Number of Colours: 4 and 2/2 • Counter: 70 mil. impressions • Max. Size of paper : 788 X 600 mm Becu73bl3a • Max. Size of print : 765 x 545 mm • Max. Speed: 15000 imp./hour • ... ...

Offsettryckpress KBA SRO
Offsettryckpress KBA SRO KBA SRO

Offset printing machine KBA SRO 4 colors Blrnv7svksd... ...

Offsettryckning HEIDELBERG CD 102-4

Heidelberg CD 102-4 Age: 2012 (Counter: Only 11 Million Imp) Autoplate Preset Plus Feeder CP2000 Alcolor Dampening Technotrans cooling Opiegxq8 Auto Washers PowderStar... ...

Offsettryckning Heidelberg GTOV

4 color offset printing machine Heidelberg GTO V 52, built 1985, format: 36 x 52 cm, machine number: 684 411, Varn III dampening system, powder sprayer, original 41 mio. impression... ...